Based on over 28 years of professional experience in the nautical industry and in co-operation with industry leaders & best-value service providers, we will be able to assist you with all things related to your purchase, transfer, importation, transportation or delivery of your boat – no matter how big or small. Your peace of mind is our concern…


  • Dreaming of boating but not sure where to start?
    We will help you find the boat of your dreams, adapted to your budget & lifestyle
  • Did you sell your boat and looking for the next one?
    We will search, identify and propose to you the most suitable candidates, then guide you until it’s yours
  • Did you privately find a buyer for your boat but not sure how to conclude the deal?
    We can assist you with our professional know-how in negotiation, survey, sea-trials and all related paperwork for a successful conclusion of the sale
  • Did you already find the perfect boat but not sure how to go about getting it?
    We will guide you through the process of inspection, negotiation, contract, payment, transfer of title, importation and delivery home
  • Are you worried or confused about the title or tax status of your boat?
    We can advise you on the current legal framework concerning pleasure boating and existing financial incentives to regularize the tax status of your craft.


…to offer you the best advice and service, to the best of our ability & knowledge, leading to a satisfactory result. Because we know your time is valuable and because we love what we do…


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